Island Stats Website

Island Stats is a website I created to allow players to view their statistics and other pieces of information for the Minecraft server MCC Island.


Unofficial AUT BCIS Discord Bot

This Discord bot was created to help verify students and provide a fun chat based leveling system within the server. I am continuing to develop it and add additional features.


Minecraft Community Event Discord Bot

I created a Discord bot for a Christmas & Easter event that was held in a Minecraft communities Discord server. The events would run for a month and was hosted during Christmas 2020 and Easter 2021.


Among Us Discord Bot

I created this bot as a fun side project to make playing with my friends in Discord voice chats a bit more fun. After using it personally and checking out some subreddits I decided to make it public for other people to use. Before I shut it down, it was being used in over 30 thousand Discord servers and was included in a Sportskeeda article.


Server Pack Unlocker Minecraft Mod

After having used a mod by the same name for a long time, the mod eventually got abandoned. I decided to take it upon myself to update it to the latest Minecraft version and add some new features.


Limited Hearts Minecraft Plugin

After watching a Minecraft youtube series called Last Life, I got the idea to create a plugin that would limit how many hearts a player had. I released the plugin but due to changes in the SpigotAPI for 1.18, I was unable to update it from 1.17.


My Portfolio Website

I created this website using Next.js and TailwindCSS. I hope you like it!